Detained Opposition Leader Mir Hossein Mousavi Returns to House Arrest Following One Day of Hospitalization


April 30th 2014 [Kaleme] – One day after being hospitalized, detained opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi was reportedly released from the hospital and taken back to house arrest. Mousavi’s daughters found out about their father’s transfer back to Akhtar prison as they were heading to the hospital.

According to reports from Kaleme, upon undergoing a coronary angioplasty the opposition leader was taken back to house arrest at Akhtar street. The physicians attending to Mousavi were reportedly unable to place a permanent small wire mesh called a stent [a standard procedure performed in combination with an angioplasty that helps prop the artery open, decreasing the chance of repeated narrowing] and to perform other necessary procedures as a result of the opposition leader’s current heart condition.

Mir Hossein Mousavi’s daughters were allowed to briefly see their parents and to inquire about their well being. The opposition leader who has lost some weight and looked pale was reported as being determined and in strong spirits. Although distressed by the ordeal they had been forced to endure, the daughters report that Zahra Rahnavard was also in good spirits.

Mir Hossein Mousavi’s health took a turn for the worse when he began experiencing both cardiac and digestive problems this past Friday. His family reports that his condition deteriorated significantly by Saturday and a physician was finally allowed to examine him at his bedside on Sunday. Despite the detained leaders dire health, he was not admitted to the hospital until Tuesday April 29th where he underwent a coronary angioplasty and was sent home following the completion of the procedure. Mousavi’s daughters were not informed of the opposition leader’s admittance to the hospital and were not allowed to be present while he was being treated.

Mousavi’s physicians had warned the ruling establishment for months about the detained leader’s deteriorating heart condition and the need for urgent treatment by coronary specialists. Their warnings however seemed to have fallen on deaf ears as his treatment was not only repeatedly delayed but he was also denied access to his trusted physicians.

Source: Kaleme

میرحسین موسوی یک روز پس از انتقال به بیمارستان ظهر امروز به زندان خانگی منتقل شد. دختران موسوی لحظاتی قبل از عزیمت به قصد ملاقات متوجه انتقال پدر و مادرشان به منزل شده اند.

به گزارش کلمه، میرحسین موسوی در حالی که پس از عمل آنژیو، پزشکان به دلیل وضعیت قلبی وی موفق به اقدامات پزشکی بعدی از قبیل فنر گذاری و … نشده اند به زندان خانگی منتقل شد.

در همین حال دختران میرحسین موسوی اجازه یافتند تا پدر و مادرشان را ملاقات کنند تا از نزدیک جویای حال پدر و مادرشان شوند.

بر اساس این گزارش، میرحسین، کمی لاغر و رنگ پریده اما از روحیه قوی و مصمم برخوردار بوده است.

همچنین زهرا رهنورد نیز علیرغم روحیه بالا از آنچه که بر آنان روا داشته شده بود آزرده خاطر بود.

میرحسین موسوی که از روز جمعه با مشکلات قلبی و گوارشی مواجه شده و در روز شنبه حالش به وخامت گراییده بود، در نهایت پس از مدتی تعلل ماموران امنیتی در روز سه شنبه به بیمارستان منتقل شد و بدون حضور فرزندانش تحت عمل آنژیوگرافی قرار گرفت.

طبق گزارشی که پیش از این در اختیار کلمه قرار گرفته بود پزشکان از ماه ها پیش هشدار داده بودند که قلب میرحسین موسوی نیاز به اقداماتی تخصصی پزشکی برای بازیابی توان قلبی دارد؛ اقداماتی که با حذف پزشک معتمد از فرایند درمان و تعلل مسوولان تاکنون انجام نشده است.

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